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Living Room Interior Designs inspiration from A-Cero

Here are 4 living room designs inspiration from A-Cero to add your brilliant ideas in home interior decorating. We all know A-Cero always working professionals to produce the best architectural and interior designs. Check out to learn more about rugs.

Living Room Interior Designs

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Niigata Apartment with unique branched shape – One Roof apartment

Designed by Akihisa Hirata, this One Roof apartment is located in Niigata. The architect designed apartment with huge roof with the aim to cover the common space protected from the cold weather. When the normal cubic volume diverges, a space will be formed in between and people feel welcomed by the warm and large space. The unique branched shape from the outside will symbolize as a comfortable place in a contemporary way. – Akihisa Hirata

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Square coffee table plans – ANT Table

Serbia-based designer Oliver Nikolic has created ANT table, the square coffee table with storage in the middle of two separated tops.

square coffee table plans by Oliver Nikolic

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Minimal and clear apartment designs for young single man by Studio Neopolis

This stunning interesting apartment is designed for young single man that also big fan of KISS. Studio Neopolis designed the apartment with simple, minimal and clear – it’s mean minimum of decorations. As a big fan of KISS, client wanted red, black and white as a main colors.

minimal apartment designs

This apartment located in Banská Bystrica town in the middle Slovakia. Full description from Studio Neopolis is after the jump…

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